DGTL Amsterdam 2022


Date:  15, 16 & 17 april 2022
Visitors:  48.000

About DGTL

DGTL is a festival full of discovery, inspiration, and innovation. At DGTL we constantly strive for a balance between the leading names in art and music, the newest discoveries, and exciting local treasures.

We design impressive stages within raw, industrial settings. Partnering with the best VJs, we create mesmerizing light effects and visuals. In addition to celebrating electronic music and art, DGTL is a space for experiments and exploration of revolutionary sustainability projects. DGTL is highly aware of its environmental impact and aims to be the most sustainable festival on the planet and invests heavily in reducing carbon footprint.

DGTL is much more than a festival; it is a global concept, an event that is present all around the world. Born in Amsterdam in 2013, DGTL has now grown into becoming a global brand with editions in Tel Aviv (IL), Mumbai, New Delhi (IN), Santiago (CL), São Paulo (BR), and many more to come.

DGTL is a festival that is organized on an annual basis on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. With over 40,000 visitors, DGTL is all about discovering, inspiring, and surprising. These keywords roll out in a combination of unique art and revolutionary sustainability plans. In doing so, DGTL makes a positive impact on the climate and the social well-being of visitors.

Our journey towards circularity

In 2017, DGTL was named Amsterdam’s most innovative and sustainable organization, in 2019 it was named the most sustainable festival in the world by AGF. The organization behind DGTL uses the festival as a testing ground for urban sustainability. By continuously innovating on the festival site, they hope to make discoveries that can be applied to major cities. After years of development, this has resulted in DGTL’s framework, which describes the complete metabolism of the festival.

The DGTL framework consists of 5 themes Materials, Food, Energy, Mobility, and Water. Within these themes, the challenge is to close all cycles, if this succeeds you can speak of a circular festival. In 2022, DGTL organised the first circular and climate-neutral edition and has been awarded for the most circular festival in the world by A Greener Future.

Material Flow Analysis

"This tool helps us to get insight into the event metabolism in a holistic way, with the goal to create support amongst all suppliers, artists, and visitors. We need everyone on board to organize a circular festival. – Mitchell, Sustainability Manager DGTL"
Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

Sustainability Manager, Revolution Foundation / DGTL Global



100% renewable energy


Reduce artist emissions to zero


All materials reused or recycled